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Dec 28, 2013

Rustica (by Morgan Zakarin)

#denimandsupply #denim&supply #denim #leather #tanleather #frye #fryeboots #fringe #ralphlauren #cargo #cargopants #army #military #ramshead #rustic #rural #tan #neutrals #neutral #leopard #belt #boots #ombre #tshirt #casual #brooklyn #bklyn #bk #raybans #aviators #reflectiveaviators #rayban #ray-ban #winter #fall #autmn #chilly #cold #chill #urban #NYC #newyork #ny #newyorkcity #fierce #ootd #ootdmagazine #fashion #stylist #fashionista #styling #stylin #fashionphotographer #turquoise #rings #midirings

MIXOLOGYGuys and gals,
I started working at the CUTEST store over the summer. The stores name is Mixology,…View Post
Dec 8, 2013


Guys and gals,

I started working at the CUTEST store over the summer. The stores name is Mixology,…

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Oct 6, 2013

Changing of the Leaves

White cut-out button down- Thrifted @ Goodwill

Pink jeans w/ zipper detailing- ZARA

Deena & Ozzy Black Patent Oxfords- Urban Outfitters

Cheetah Print Belt- Express

Hype this look on LOOKBOOK.NU


My Sister Skylar and I!

XOXO, Momo

Oct 6, 2013

Glitter Magazine: For Girls who ROCK!

 My friend Arielle and I were interviewed about the FashionCampNYC we attended during the summer. It was one of the best fashion experiences I could get my hands on, and I loved every moment of it.

The cover girl is Lucy Hale who portrays Aria Montgomery on the show “Pretty Little Liars”. She looked GORGEOUS!

Here’s how the interview goes: Intro and Interview by Tes Howell Imagine spending 5 days in New York City, learning about every aspect of fashion and meeting of some of the biggest name in the industry. Think it’s too good to be true? Behold FashionCampNYC! Held every summer, these glamorous campers get to research and design a brand, study products development strategies, and even discover the art of fashion editing. This past summer, Nikki Fowler of Glitter magazine spoke to the campers about the magazine publishing industry and had the students work on a real project for Glitter! Students were given lookbooks from current fashion showrooms for line like Quiksilver, Whitney Eve, Lauren Moshi & French Connection. As fashion editors for the day, they got to chose their favorite stylish picks for the season. Want to get next year? FashionCampNYC campers to find out more! Logon to for more info!

GLITTER: Describe FashionCampNYC in 3 words.  

MORGAN: Fun, Interactive and Lectures galore! 

GLITTER: What designers inspire you?

MORGAN: I am inspired by everything from Alexander McQueen’s epic couture, to Chanel’s logo, to Louboutin’s iconic red heel, to Mui Mui’s glitter.

GLITTER: What were your favorite moments at the camps this year?

MORGAN: My favorite moments were when I realized that on maybe the 3rd day, I knew I had friends for life who loved fashion and design as much as I did. The girls I met in this camp are amazing. I miss it so much, and I wish I could’ve had another week with them, but we all live in different places. We all talk a lot though! Another favorite moment was walking in every morning, and seeing what everyone was wearing. I’m really into that type of thing; assess people’s looks – like street style. It was almost kind of an honor to see what people from around the world wear. Yep, you heard me say that right! People travel far and wide to be at this camp.

GLITTER: what areas of fashion do you like the most? And why?

MORGAN: This is such a hard question to answer, because I’m simply interested and passionate about everything fashion. When I think about my future career, I’m considering being a stylist for editorial and celebrities, a fashion photographer, a blogger, a designer, editing for a magazine, and I’m also interested in the world of makeup. I’ve been a makeup junkie for about 3 years now, and I can never get enough of it! So in my free time I would possibly like to be a makeup artist for small events, wedding, celebrities, or editorials.

GLITTER: Glitter Magazine presented at the camp this year, making you honorary fashion editors for the day. If you could create a fashion magazine, what it would look like?

MORGAN: Ooh! Good question! I would have to decide, but two age groups I would love to publish for would probably be the age range from 14-19 or 35-55. This is another great thing about fashion camp, because in the process of the whole week, with your whole group, you make a brand, the customer, age range, and designs. This helped me understand how to create a brand or magazine, because the most important part to think about is your customer. Talking to many people about a brand, that’s really the only way to succeed in assembling a brand or magazine. I would include a monthly street style section, editorials with upcoming new designers, and top 10 trending for the month, and interviews with interesting people who should have their names out in the world.

xoxo, Momo

Oct 6, 2013


I went to a party in my Cosmic Lita’s this weekend and everyone thought they were SO COOL.

They kind of are the BOMB DIGITIY.      

Slouchy shirt: Nasty Gal

Bandage skirt: Forever 21

Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic Lita’s: Nasty Gal

Oct 6, 2013

Tights and Things

Now that it’s the fall, Do you ever wonder the wonders of tights? Are you scared to wear them? Here’s how you where them casually:

Hope this helps! I know tights can be a little scary, but they are so much fun!

XOXO, Momo

Oct 6, 2013

Mandatory Homecoming Post

What do you guys do for your homecoming? Do you go all out? Drama over jerseys? Do you have a dance in december? My school’s dance is in January, for basketball season. This year at our school, some kids went all out. Literally. Some juniors went to the football game in 40 degree weather with no shirts on, and some guys wore the cheerleaders graduating year jerseys. It was so funny!

       Our football team won!

                               Our football team won!

 Varsity and JV volleyball team^ I miss them all like crazy! :(

If you’re reading this, I would love to hear feedback! It would mean the world to me!

 XOXO, Momo

Oct 6, 2013

Halloween 2011

 I was a cat for halloween, and that is not what I was originally going to be, but that is how it turned out with all the drama. There was so many other people who were cats it was almost sad, (I think I know at least 25 other people who were cats) but I didn’t really care. I thought I did a pretty good job with the makeup, and thats what made me different from the rest of the kittehs!


Hope you liked my kitty awesomeness…

XOXO, Momo

Oct 6, 2013

Life IS a Beach

Just some pictures from the latest photo shoot! My best friend Rachel took these at my local boardwalk/beach.

 The dog I befriended. SO CUTE!





Maxi Dress from Victoria’s Secret

 XOXO, Momo
Oct 6, 2013

The New Grunge

What is it, you ask?

Taking a feminine piece and incorporating it with something edgy.

I am wearing a green vintage DKNY shirt from my Bubbe, some BDG Tribal print leggings, a black cami, dip dyed earrings, and black DIBA combat boots.



A new YouTube post:

XOXO, Momo